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Is fake snow dangerous?

When researching supplies for your Winter Wonderland themed party, you may come across powdered fake snow on Amazon. The makers of fake snow claim it is safe and non toxic, but how do you know for sure?

According to, fake snow is "technically" safe. However, if your child puts it in their mouth, inhales it, gets it in their eyes or has sensitive skin, they could have a reaction. According to a case study published by the National Institute of Health, fake snow powder can cause serious damage to children's eyes. The article details the injuries sustained by a 7-year-old boy who was playing in fake snow when a friend threw a snowball at his face. The fake snow caused a chemical burn in the boy's eye, causing serious damage to his cornea.

SoCal Snow Parties doesn't use any powders or chemicals to make our snow. Our snow has only one ingredient: pure water. There's no risk of chemical burns, respiratory problems or skin irritation with our snow. It's just good, clean fun!

For more information on SoCal Snow Parties, call 310-946-9777 today!

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